• Development time 20 time faster

    Easy understanding of PKI technology

  • Saving development and maintenance costs by five times

    No need to rewrite and test for each new certificate and smart card

  • Running time 2-5 time faster

    Enhance performance and enlarge application range

  • Multiple platforms and systems

    Applicable on platforms and systems such as Windows, Linux, Solaris and Unix

  • Automatic processing user list, multiple certificates and smart cards
  • Complete source code


Smart Card Compatibility

ARES uPKI supports different types of smart cards in the market today. These smart cards include but are not limited to Natural Person’s Authority, Government Certification Authority, Industry and Commerce Authority, Gemplus GemPKCS, Schlumberger eGate, Datakey M330, Nexsmart Windows Powered Smart Card, and Gemplus/Schlumberger VOP card.

Smart Card Auto-Correction System

Different smart cards have different coding, so they have different security systems. ARES uPKI provides auto-correction abilities to make up for the differences in smart cards. For users, no matter which smart cards they are using, uPKI provides the same function.

Multiple Certificate Compatibility

Certificates from different CAs or generations of certificates from the same CA are also identical to that of the application developers. Therefore, the application developers can easily implement specialized applications. Since PKI is not their major job focus, ARES uPKI will take care of everything regarding PKI. ARES uPKI is the world’s first PKI solution that provides real-time ASN. 1 encoding/decoding solution. No more pre-complier base ASN.1. We have the pattern in our country. We also apply our pattern to various major markets. The speed of our ASN. 1 interpreter is based on ANSI C with super fast encoding/decoding speed when comparing to competing products. Dealing with any X.509 v3 certificate or CRL is easy.

Operating System and Server Compatibility

  • Server:Client and Web Server
  • Operating System:Windows, Linux, Solaris, Unix
  • Language:C, Power Builder, Visual Basic, Delphi, ASP, Java, .Net



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