Crypto Server

Encrypt 62,300 data per second! Fast and Secure.

Over 80% of enterprise security issues arises from their own employees. Therefore, solving this issue through data encryption is the common viewpoint of all informational security personnel.

  • Protect corporate confidential properties, including payroll information, potential client data, credit card data, and order data.
  • Securely transfer data.
  • Manage data of all resource allocations, monitor and manage access control and user authorization as the main focus including personal authorization management, application system authorization management and access log records.
  • Utilize secure encryption methods to back up data for privacy, with the methods including symmetric encryption, asymmetric encryption, key management and efficient en/decryption.
  • Personal data en/decryption.




  • Support various database types

    Including MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase and DB2 etc.

  • Support various programming languages

    Including .NET, JSP, ASP, PHP, C, Visual Basic, Delphi, Java and PowerBuilder

  • Support multiple platforms

    Including Windows, Linux, Solaris, Unix and IBM AIX.

  • Key security

    HSM with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 security certification, storing encryption key in HSM for prevention of stealing data and providing automatic key destroying function.

  • Flexible authorization mechanism

    Establish complete application system and authorization mechanism for key; support shared use of the same key for multiple systems or use of various keys for different systems.

  • Support document and database en/decryption

    Support encryption of database columns and documents.

  • Multiple en/decryption mechanisms

    Support symmetric and asymmetric algorithm, as many as over 140 kinds ( 3DES, AES, ARS256, RIJNDAEL, SKIPJACK, RC6, CDMF, IDEA, BLOWFISH, TWOFISH, CAST5, CAST128, CAST256, SERPENT, RC4, SEED and CAMELLIA ).

  • De-identification rule configuration

    Simple configuration of masking column and specification according personal data inventory request.


  • *
    A encryption, decryption, and masking platform
    1. Field encryption
    2. Data encryption
    3. File transfer needs
    4. Personal data masking
  • *
    Low cost
    1. Flexible application and key management system
    2. Multi-language, cross-platform, cross-database
    3. Implement one platform across the whole enterprise
  • *
    Safeguard corporate assets
    1. Ensure confidential information is never compromised
    2. DBA provides appropriate authorities