Security Control Solution

Considering the needs for cross-language and cross-platform applications, ARES uPKI (ubiquitous Public Key Infrastructure) provides a complete PKI solution to assist clients and partners in building a reliable and secure environment while ensuring the security, integrity, confidentiality, and non-repudiation of information circulations.

Complete System Structure


uPKI Kits

ARES uPKI Kits component is designed for fast and efficient integration with any application. Users may select different function modules according to requirements. Deploying PKI-enabled application is easy and quick without requiring full knowledge of PKI to ensure the integrity of information security.


  • Rapid PKI-enabled mechanism construction

    Easy to learn; provide convenient and flexible API functions; customizable to meet your requirements; suitable for heterogeneous platform integration.

  • Fully compliant with international standards

    Independently developed, compliant with PKCS of RSA and CAPI international standard from Microsoft.

  • Modular design

    Support diverse certificates, as well as multiple smart cards and operating platforms.

  • Diverse programming language features

    Support ASP, PHP, JSP, .NET, Java, VB, VC, Delphi, Lotus, PowerBuilder, CGI, etc.

  • Diverse certificates

    Support worldwide PKI standards, complaint with MOICA (Natural person CA), GCA (Governmental CA), MOEACA (corporation CA), MCA (Military CA), HCA (Healthcare CA), VeriSign, HiTRUST, Entrust, Baltimore, etc.

  • Multiple operation platform compatibility

    Including Windows, Linux, Solaris, Unix, AIX, etc.

  • Strong performance

    Significantly faster than other product with revolutionary technologies, including: multi-sign, CRL comparison, en/decryption, and certificate explanation.

Validation Authority

Provide relevant validation authorization functions, enable fast and efficient validation of application in signature integrity and other related operations; significantly reduce system development cost and improve operational efficiency.


  • Accelerate speed of application of PKI-enabled and SSO validation system

  • Multiple certificates validation

    Including MOICA (natural person CA), GCA VeriSign, HiTRUST, Entrust, Baltimore, etc.

  • Fast and convenient membership mechanics

  • Automatic updating CRL

    Using OCSP methods or periodically downloading CRL from major CAs.

  • Support ARES uPKI Kits component validation functions

    Compatible with ASP, PHP, JSP, .NET, Java, VB, VC, Delphi, Lotus, PowerBuilder, CGI, etc.

  • Compatible with various operating systems

    Windows, Linux, Solaris, Unix, AIX, etc.

Log System

The system logs successfully validated information by storing them in a digital signature format, and provides a Web interface for historical data inquiry functions. The logging data is valid under the Digital Signature Act and important transactions will be kept as evidences in case of dispute and for audit through the trace logs of the application system.


  • International format

    Logged data is stored in the international standard PKCS#7 format.

  • Fast interpretation

    Unique built-in dynamic ASN.1 parser engine for quick and convenient translation of various logged data.

  • Various formats

    Content of logged data can be presented in various formats to the user, with the formats including PKCS#7 and XML.

  • Various databases

    Logged data can be stored in various databases (MDB, MSSQL, ORACLE, SYBASE, MYSQL, etc)

  • Multiple search criteria

    System administrators can refer to columns of logged data according to need.

  • Log backup recovery solution