ARES uPKI has been implemented into hundreds of corporations, with more than 300 application systems.

uPKI has the ability to match up to various industries regarding authentication, electronic signing, or encryption needs. Due to the fact that ARES uPKI has little limits in platform and programming language, easy SOP implementing, high integrity and stability, many clients choose to always use and hold down to the system.

Main Application

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    SSO certified integration

    Though SSO is convenient, if the security measure is imperfect, and uses only account/password login, hackers can easily access company confidential information.

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    Online Approval

    Integrates electronic-form system, document system, electronic medical records, and reporting system, ARES uPKI uses online approval, not only saving the environment, but also saving worries about leaving evidence.

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    Online Transaction

    Allows transactions between corporations, including supply-chain system, client relationship system, B2B online transaction and confirmation; improve contract, orders, delivery, reconciliation, thereby improving competitiveness.

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    Information security application

    Including Computer-Processed Personal Data Protection Law-related construction, remote access, strengthen authentication, data storage encryption, and data exchange security.

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    Framework of internal and external security control platform

    With ARES uPKI being the only authentication and information security platform, any external or internal will not have access to various systems until after authorized by this platform, allowing integration of security control for all systems.

Personal Information Application

uPKI uses security platform and electronic signature contract to complete contract signing. At the same time uPKI security platform will store the contract data accordingly.

Corporate application when using ARES uIAM will construct a security and safety storage system, so account and password will never be uploaded onto the Internet.With uIAM, only the person you allow to access your information will be able to see the file.

  • uPKI security platform encryption and decryption, never allow illegal storage of any data.
  • uPKI security platform electronic contract storage information and signing process.
  • Check profile entities flowchart, depending on processing needs, with ARES Crypto Server and encryption system, completely secure user’s files and storage the information.

uPKI security platform evidence service system includes logs that cannot be repudiated.

When using Crypto Server and application integration, because application and user will be encrypted before any data storage, every file will be secure.

System Structure

System Structure