Computer-Processed Personal Data Protection Law. | ARES uPKI Solution

Ares uses ARES uPKI for data collection, usage, transfer, storage, processing, and deposal. ARES uPKI has been implemented into hundreds of corporations, government, and financial units, with more than 300 application systems.

Main Application

  • SSO certified integration
  • Online approval
  • Online transaction
  • Information security application
  • Framework of internal and external security control platform

Personal Information Application

  • User agreement and data collection
  • Authentication and access
  • Information use, processing, transmission
  • Evidence verifying
  • Fulfill the duty of custody

Ares uPKI has the ability to match up to various industries regarding authentication, electronic signing, or encryption needs. Due to the fact that ARES uPKI has little limits in platform and programming language, easy SOP implementing, high integrity and stability, many clients choose to always use and hold down to the system.

System Structure