PKI Know-How | Why PKI ?
  • Offer Strict Verification and Authorization

    All users, depending on the level of their authorization, must go through uPKI to ensure their identities. At the same time, uPKI integrates with uIAM single sign-on (SSO) system, and offers a strict verification and authorization mechanism.

  • Ensure Confidential Information Security

    uPKI verifies the identity and authority of the user via digital certificate, allowing the right person to access the right data. The transfer and storage of confidential information are verified by uPKI, allowing legal person or group to open the information, ensuring the security of the confidential information. Via integration with portable documents, uPKI requires the identity and authorization of the user to be verified before opening documents. Hence, even if the documents are brought to outside the enterprise, the security of confidential information will not be compromised.

  • Improve Operational Efficiency

    The flow of official documents can be secured with replacement of digital signature over traditional one, and thereby improving operational efficiency and allowing storage of the audit flows for future tracking.

  • External Transaction Application

    The interaction between enterprises or consumers can also be applied under the uPKI mechanism. Digital certificates can be used to ensure the transaction non-repudiation, search of account information, and the strong connection with suppliers or clients. The interaction between the government and citizens can benefit as well. Various certificates such as natural person certificate, MOEACA (Ministry of Economic Affairs Certification Authority) can help ensure the identity of the applicant, offering more information for the applicant and creating more service items.